Application Server 2017 (Virtual)

Course overview
Duration: 4 days
Cost: £1750 + VAT

The Application Server 2017 virtual course is a 4-day class you can attend from your desktop/laptop via our internet-based virtual classroom. This format provides the benefit of a live instructor, the use of a virtual infrastructure (includes cloud virtual machines), the ability to see demonstrations and ask questions in real-time and the ability to interact with other delegates virtually from a convenient location without travel time or costs.

The class demonstrates how to use Application Server technology to connect to field devices, process data, run scripts, handle alarms, and historise alarms and events. This course also provides a fundamental understanding of application maintenance, real-time alarm recording, and security settings, and describes how to set up redundancy for data acquisition. This course provides lectures and hands-on labs to supply and reinforce the knowledge necessary to use these features and functions for plant modelling.

Download our Virtual Training pre-course information for more details.

Note: This course does not cover the visual front end for engineers to use the SCADA solution on the factory floor. The course delivers all of the concepts and design methodology for creating the automation elements in the backend of Application Server. For the visual front end you would need to follow this course with either InTouch or InTouch Operations Management Interface (OMI) for System Platform.


  • Create a new application
  • Model the plant floor
  • Employ rapid prototyping using a data simulator
  • Acquire data from field devices
  • Configure data communication redundancy
  • Work with alarm and history configurations in an application
  • Maintain application functionality using import and export
  • Define the security model for the application
  • Implement .NET Scripting to enhance application functionality
  • Backup and restore an application

Who should attend?

Application developers, engineers, system integrators, and other individuals who need to configure or modify Application Server applications.


Manufacturing industry experience and industrial automation software concepts

Training Facilities and Hotel

Wonderware UK and Wonderware Ireland have in-house training facilities at their Cheadle based office in South Manchester. The location offers easy access to motorways M60, M6 and M56, Manchester Airport and Stockport train station.

The spacious air-conditioned rooms and the guarantee of one PC per delegate, allows our tutors to train each delegate to the best of their ability. Courses are kept to an optimum size, allowing both group and individual attention.

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