OT Cyber Security Webinar Series

Are you protected?

In the past, industrial control systems depended on isolation, proprietary networks and hardware, and were deemed immune to the network attacks more prevalent in the IT world. This complacency is now misplaced. It is now essential to assess whether your ICS is protected from attack, and whether you have a robust disaster recovery strategy in place should an attack take place?

Live Webinar Series: A Staged Approach to Cyber Security

Our upcoming live webinar series provides guidance from our SolutionsPT experts and partners on taking a staged approach to ‘designing-in’ defence strategy at every level of the ICS, delivering long-term cyber secure architectures, protected from both external threats, and the threats within.


Building Secure Architectures

The most significant step when creating an effective long-term, cyber secure OT infrastructure, is to develop an architecture that is inherently secure.

During this webinar we will explore some of the key elements that you should focus on when building, and implementing a secure by design architecture

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‘The Threat Within’– Download Now

This discussion includes a brief summary of the recent ICS attacks and looks at the lessons that can be learned from these security events, before shifting our attention to ‘Defense in Depth’ solutions.


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Delivering Secure Remote
Access to Industrial Control Systems

In this webinar we assess the benefits associated with mobile working and remote access, having process historian data available alongside business data within the DMZ for more in-depth reporting . We also explore the various Wonderware solutions available to enable secure remote access

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Leveraging Virtualisation and
Centralisation Technologies

Here we will share our vision for moving safely and securely towards an everything connected future, leveraging centralisation and virtualisation technologies.



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