Brochure: Web – Enabled Alarm Management

UReason provides additional built-in analysis such as event balance trends, event pattern detection and bad actor analysis, which are quite complex to obtain with standard query tools. These in-depth analysis reports gives companies unique insight into their operations which they may not have had before.

What is alarm reporting?

WAM™ Reporting is an out-of-the-box solution which enables companies to monitor key performance indicators of their alarm system and is optimized to run on top of the Wonderware Alarm & Event Historian WWALMDB. (In addition to our native support for Wonderware platforms we provide the same capabilities on most SCADA/DCS systems.) It is a multi-user web-based solution providing access to up to five concurrent users. It contains a number of report templates defined by international organisations such as EEMUA to serve as best practice alarm reporting for the industry. With these pre-defined templates, a number of reports can be generated in minutes such as the one below that gives the Top 10 fleeting alarms over a time window.

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