Live Webinar: Accelerate and sustain your performance journey with Line Performance Suite

Date: 7/12/2016Time: 14:00
Date: 7/12/2016Time: 14:00

Would it help your Operators if they had a single common platform for monitoring Line performance, data entry, and viewing that data in the way they need it, so that they can focus on production efficiency and quality?

Would it help your organisation if changes, as a result of Continuous Improvement activities, were sustained through effective change management, so that performance sustainability, operational process standardisation, workforce engagement and accountability can be implemented across different plants?

Introducing Line Performance, a new Industry-centric OEE solution based on proven Wonderware MES technologies and platforms.

During this webinar we will be covering the following topics:

  • What is Line Performance Suite?
  • How it addresses common challenges faced by manufacturers in the F&b/CPG industry
  • The single common platform for data entry
  • Central management of Work Orders
  • Predefined Standard Reports in Line Performance Suite
  • Sustainable Improvement Results
  • Ensures that Process Improvements are sustained for your OEE solution
  • Links People and Applications to deliver effective processes
  • Measures the effectiveness of your work practices
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