Live Webinar: Addressing operational challenges with a window to the world of process metrics

Date: 4/1/2017Time: 14:00
Date: 4/1/2017Time: 14:00

Managing big data can be a tricky task, and sorting your data into the necessary categories and desired periods, to improve line performance, can be a time consuming task.

Line Performance Suite delivers fast and powerful data processing and analysis of big data, enabling end users to drill down through the data to identify root causes of production faults.

Real-time data is available at any time, allowing plant managers to make faster, and better informed decisions to optimise production throughput.

During this webinar we will be exploring the reporting capabilities available to you in Line Performance Suite.

  • 8 Predefined Standard Reports derived from Lean Manufacturing and Total Productive Maintenance practice
    • Utilization Timeline: Single glance understanding of production events
    • Utilization by Entity: Details on availability & performance events
    • Production by Entity: Details on quality events
    • Line Production: Production output data & trends
    • Utilization Analysis: Root causes of production losses
    • MTBF: Details & nature of unplanned stoppages
    • MTTR: Maintenance & repair performance
  • Present Report Use Cases for Operations, Quality and Maintenance users
  • Save time diving into large volumes of data
  • Run reports analysing long periods of data (3 to 5 years) to support better decision making and business case justification for large investments
  • Leverage the integration of Wonderware Intelligence with Line Performance Suite to process data faster and without affecting MES performance
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