Next Generation Roadshow

Date: 29/3/2017Time: 9:00
Date: 29/3/2017Time: 9:00

The Incredible Reveal of Next Generation Wonderware SCADA

The industrial landscape is evolving…

Digitisation advancements within industrial automation are enabling the transfer and collection of greater volumes of operational data across the plant floor, powered in part by the declining cost of connectivity and the growth of cloud technology

As we steadily move towards an ‘everything connected’ future, the requirement for highly secure and robust OT networks significantly increases.

Join us on 29 March 2017 for the
‘Wonderware Next Generation Roadshow’.

Our ‘Next Generation Roadshow’ will explore network management and cyber security within Industrial Automation, before delving into the ‘next generation’ solutions that are making connected, future proof industrial environments a reality

Agenda Highlights 

   Hands-On Sessions

  • The OT Networking Landscape – Managing Cyber Security Audits, stabilisation and roadmap development
  • Managing Operational Big Data – Manage operational big data with cloud-based and on premise information management technologies
  • Introducing Next Generation SCADA – Get a first look at System Platform 2017
  • Wonderware Next Generation SCADA – Get hands-on with System Platform 2017
  • ThinManager – Training to cover the latest advancements within ThinManager

Download the full Agenda here

Afternoon Deep-Dive Sesssions

2:00pm – 3:25pm     3:35pm – 5:00pm
  • Option 1: Next Generation SCADA
  • Option 2: ThinManager
  • Option 1: Next Generation SCADA
  • Option 2: ThinManager

Dates and Venues

Wednesday 29th March

Fota Island, Cork, Ireland

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