Standardise Operational Procedures with Wonderware BPM

Date: 13/7/2016Time: 12:30pm
Date: 13/7/2016Time: 12:30pm

Standardise Operational Procedures with Wonderware BPM

Successful manufacturing requires the alignment of many actions. The greater the coordination between the logistics, production, quality and asset maintenance, the greater the plant ROI and ROA will be. Traditionally, different people manage each of these functions, usually using differing software applications. They have high need for structured collaboration and usually make the best effort to do so, but inconsistency, error and incomplete context can arise.

Wonderware Skelta BPM advanced workflow software changes all that. As the workflow platform for Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management applications, it provides: 

  • The capability to manage, enforce and document processes cross-company, replacing manual processes and paperwork with electronic workflows.
  • It encompasses everything from routine operations to escalated responses¬† to critical plant operating conditions.

Our upcoming live webinar will explore how Wonderware Skelta BPM differs from generic BPM software through native integration with Wonderware System Platform, providing the following risk-reducing advantages:

  • Users can trigger processes directly from control system equipment conditions and process alerts
  • Variability in the way in which operator approach tasks is eliminated
  • Management have a view of the exact actions taken by operators if unexpected incidents arise, providing more robust root-cause analysis

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