Webinar: Protecting your Critical OT Systems against Ransomware

Date: 30/6/2017Time: 10.00 am
Date: 30/6/2017Time: 10.00 am

With news of the Petya cyber-attack, affecting firms, airports, banks and government departments on a global scale (just weeks after the WannaCry epidemic which impacted businesses in more than 150 countries), the threat of ransomware is becoming ever more real.

It is estimated that 96% of ransomware victims lose access to their data for more than one-day, heavily impacting production.  With such a heavy reliance on OT systems to maintain uptime and productivity within the industrial space, it is essential to have disaster resilience and business continuity systems in place to ensure minimal impact across the plant should a ransomware attack strike.

Introducing ‘Proteus’ – Disaster Resilience Managed Services from SolutionsPT

Proteus, our latest Managed Platform Solution, protects critical OT systems against the impact of Ransomware, by combining the expertise of our Managed Platform engineers with market leading virtualisation technology.

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • The Ransomware facts and fiction currently flooding the media
  • How Proteus can help you detect a Ransomware attack
  • How it will enable you to recover your systems in as short a time as possible
  • What steps you can take in the event of an infection
  • Why Disaster Resilience is the cornerstone for any Cyber Security strategy
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