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Wonderware Online InSight

Wonderware OnlineRegardless of industry or role, every decision starts with information. Wonderware Online can deliver the information you need to make the best decisions day in, day out.

Wonderware Online is a Historian on the cloud which gathers and stores data from one or multiple Wonderware InTouch or local Wonderware Historians. It summarises data, enabling you to analyse performance differences across multiple facilities or production areas. This cloud offering can also be used to simply replicate data from different sites for a complete and secure data record.

Visualise your Data Anywhere

Wonderware Online InsightWonderware online allows for process and production reports to be automatically delivered to smart devices. Remote workers stay informed, making them more effective and helping accelerate decisions. Wonderware Online includes SmartGlance, our innovative mobile reporting app, available for all of today’s leading mobile platforms, including Apple, Android and Microsoft. SmartGlance data is delivered via a cloud hosted environment, also managed by the Cloud Services Team, so IT requirements are minimised.

Your Data, Securely Stored

All data stored in Wonderware Online is your data, available 24/7, and highly secure. Wonderware Online employs the same data security methods used by today’s leading financial institutions; authorisation, authentication and encryption so that your data is never exposed to outside threats.Wonderware Online InSight

Use Only What you Need

Unlike most historians, Wonderware Online is not ‘sized’ by the number of data tags. You can store up to a terabyte of data with more storage available, if required. Wonderware Online is sized by the number of actual system users. Users can be added at any time so you can scale your system based on your needs.

Key Capabilities

  • Store up to 1 Terabyte from any number of local Wonderware Historians or InTouch nodes
  • Data Aggregation: Summarize sub-second process data into more meaningful production or equipment performance data spanning hours, days, weeks and months
  • Domain Isolation: Wonderware Online is a cost effective way to keep your control network secure while providing data to plant workers
  • Data Retrieval: Advanced data retrieval modes simplify data queries
  • Data Trending: Troubleshoot faster with powerful data trending capabilities
  • Data Reporting: Create a wide range of data reports using the Wonderware Historian Client
  • Mobile Reporting and Analysis: Push data to remote workers, keeping them informed and in the loop

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