Alarm Adviser

Web – Enabled Alarm Management (WAM)

Wonderware Partner Product from UReason

WAM Reporting is an application which enables you to monitor and assess the behaviour of your alarm systems. It is an application which typically runs on a server or desktop connected to Wonderware alarm and event database WWALMDB.

It comes with a web service providing access to up to 5 concurrent users to access reports and analysis. The reports are based on the guidelines of EEMUA publications 191 and are available as templates – which an authorised user can configure for his purpose,  or pre-configure reports – for standard access.

The workflow of generating reports and embedding those into a presentation or text document can be automated. This ensures every stake holder receives the same information and recommendations at regular intervals. This way alarm management does not become a burden and analysis occurs in a repetitive objective fashion.

The reports e.g. the alarm improvement report can be applied for audit purposes and requests.

Business Benefits

  • Measure the workload of an operator
  • Improve the control and HMI Systems
  • Enable prioritisation of alarms
  • Analysing which equipment provides problems
  • Reduce operational and capital expenditure
  • Minimal maintenance effort and costs
  • Minimal operation costs

Technical Benefits

  • Custom off the shelf alarm reporting and analysis
  • Minimal engineering effort
  • An objective measurement tool for audit purposes


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